My favourite Queen Elizabeth II quotes 

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan

Princess Amalia of the Netherlands and Princess Aiko of Japan


Dalvík, vue sur Hrísey
Le 28 juillet 2014



this is the accurate relationship between the Americans and the English 

Congratulations to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on their nuptials!






in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.

I imagined this post as a school bus conversation.

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vic-of-sverige replied to your post “hrhsussex replied to your photoset “A volcanic eruption has finally…”

OMG THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL I want to be a geologist and my dads been tracking this for days and when it happened we both just started freaking out. Volcanoes are awesome :)

I KNOW IT’S AWESOME!! omg you should go for it, and maybe you could specialize in volcanoology, you’re dad would be pleased!:)) And yes volcanoes are awesome, and of course living on a volcanic island, I have great respect and fascination for them!!

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hrhsussex replied to your photoset “A volcanic eruption has finally started in Holuhraun, Iceland after…”

I always forget you live in iceland, but this looks so exciting!

Haha, Yup it is pretty exciting, it started just 3 hours ago, and everything has been put on high alert, roads have been closed, they are expecting flooding because of glacial melting  and airspace has been restricted like you can see here:

and here is a live feed in english:







Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

LMAO, shouts out to Jon Stewart

Shoutout for Jon Stewart for not having me think white people are complete shit

Everyone should watch this.

watching john stewart age in stress over the last 13 years



Michael Brown is laid to rest. 

God Rest his soul

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A volcanic eruption has finally started in Holuhraun, Iceland after much speculation the past few weeks. Airports and flight companies have been warned that they might need to change their flight paths!

A live feed:

(though it’s nighttime right now, so there’s not much to see)

"It’s like putting a bulb into a lamp. You just hold your bulb and then you….(makes hand motion)…you screw it in like that."
— Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark telling a journalist how to do the royal wave. (via royalbloopers)


Vues des jardins du château de Villandry.

Photos 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8: cc

Photo 9: cc


TurboRoo, a chihuahua born without its front legs, was given a 3D printed cart made by San Diego firm 3dyn so he could train to be a service dog for disabled children.